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Subsudio Airdrop is closed!

SubSudio redefines the internet with a brand-new, privacy-centric, alternative suite of web applications and its own new IntraSubsNet ecosystem for user privacy, freedom of speech, net-neutrality and non-censorship. Net-neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers (ISPs) must treat all Internet communications equally, and not discriminate, or charge differently, based on; user, content, website, platform, application, type of equipment, source address, destination address, or method of communication. SubSudio is here to take the power away from the corporations and give it back to the people.

1st Prize win 1,111,111 COLX, COLX is already listed on CMC.

Additional by popular request, Subsudio added an ADDITIONAL 611.106 COLX to the competition, and additional 611,106 COLX on top of the 1,111,111 COLX to the winner of the prize draw.

1 Place = 111,111   COLX
2 Place = 99,999 COLX
3 Place = 88,888 COLX
4 Place = 77,777  COLX
5 Place = 66,666 COLX
6 Place = 55,555  COLX
7 Place = 44,444 COLX
8 Place = 33,333 COLX
9 Place = 22,222 COLX
10 Place = 11,111  COLX


Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the airdrop page.
  2. Join their Telegram group (optional)
  3. Follow Subsudio on Twitter and Retweet this tweet (optional)
  4. Follow Subsudio on Discord (Mandatory)
  5. Follow BitcoinPete on Youtube Channel. (optional)
  6. Follow Subsudio on Facebook. (optional)
  7. Perform more social task or share your referral link to get more chances to win
  8. Each point will one chance to win.
  9. Additional by popular request, Subsudio added an ADDITIONAL 611.106 COLX to the competition for the top 10 user.

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