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Taiko Alpha 2 Testnet Airdrop is closed!

Taiko is a fully decentralized, Ethereum-equivalent ZK-Rollup that scales Ethereum in a manner that emulates Ethereum as closely as possible – both technically and non-technically – by supporting all ZK-EVM opcodes in a layer-2 architecture that is decentralized, permissionless, and secure.

Taiko ZK-EVM Alpha-2 testnet is live. Users who interact with its ecosystem are subjected to get community incentives at launch. Follow our simple and complete step-by-step guide to participate.

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Step-by-step guide:

  1. Set up a new Metamask wallet and add the custom networks on Ethereum Sepolia Tesnet and Taiko Alpha-2 Testnet networks using Chainlist.org
  2. Receive $ETH test coins on Sepolia by using the Sepolia Goerli Faucet.
  3. Head to the Taiko Bridge
    1. Select $HORSE from the dropdown, and click “Faucet” + “Mint” to request 50 $HORSE on the Sepolia network.
    2. Repeat the same  tep to receive 50 $BLL.
    3. By same process, switch your wallet to the Taiko Alpha-2 Testnet network and Add custom tokens $HORSE and $BLL
  4. Start bridging on Sepolia  and Taiko Alpha 2
    1. Bridge $ETH from Sepolia to Taiko A2
    2. Bridging $HORSE and/or $BLL from Sepolia to Taiko and vice-versa.
  5. Swap some tokens on Swap.A2.Taiko.xyz
  6. Run a Taiko node, Enable a provers, Deploy a contract, Build a ÐApp, report any bugs you encounter and provide feedback. (Optional)


Taiko ZK is not Airdropping any token yet. This is susceptible to interact within Taiko ecosystem and expect a reward to the community after TGE.

Freecoins24 is not liable to any loss incurred on your trading activity, consider crypto market as volatile and not a way to have a steady income; consent before proceeding!

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