The Social Media Ecosystem That Will Take Over the Internet Forever

28.08.2020 published by Freecoins24
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Social Media Ecosystem

Social networks hub some of the most significant online communities, thanks to their vitality in society today. However, the data selling violations have been a cause for many users’ disaster and a degraded social media name. Twitter, for instance, came under fire in 2019 for selling millions of UK twitter user data and earning profits in the process. 

It’s time to reinvent social media and introduce more security and privacy to the internet. Stephen Mccullah, the CEO of Apollo fintech, is offering the much-needed change, Stratus.

Stratus is a product awaiting unveiling in the third quarter of 2020. It’s a platform that merges services from all platforms and replaces the internet altogether.

Blockchain Social Media

Stratus will have its airing on the Apollo blockchain. Although there are other blockchain-based social media platforms, none of them comes close to Stratus. Apollo is the best blockchain of our time that possesses features that are not in any other blockchain.

The Apollo blockchain is Stratus’ hub, which means Stratus will benefit from all the blockchain’s technological advantages. Among the new technologies are adaptive forging, database level sharding, and the updater, all for improving service quality for users.

Due to the hub, users can enjoy peer to peer business engagements. The blockchain hub means faster transactions, cheaper interactions, privacy, and simplicity of services. 

Censorship-Free Social Media

Social media censorship is a menace in the networking world. From unwarranted social media censorship to selling of individual data, the platforms have failed to protect users.

Stratus aims to transform the social media ecosystem into a censorship-free world. The platform will not perform any unsolicited censorship programs instead will only censor unlawful content.

Stratus will not interfere with posts and comments in social media giving its users creative freedom. Youtubers, Facebook influencers, and many other social media users will fully benefit from their content. 

Social Media Data Protection

Data mining is not just limited to small brands but also global platforms like Facebook and Amazon. Selling private data slows down the growth of social networks since users fear for their data privacy.

Fortunately, with the introduction of Stratus, users will not have to fear for online safety. Apollo introduces end to end encryption to all communications. To achieve this, Apollo uses a protocol dubbed Zk SNARKs. The Zero-Knowledge proof protocol ensures zero disclosure of any personal or transactional information. Everyone will have a guarantee of safe online time without fearing for the leaks of their data.

The Economics of Stratus Ecosystem

The idea of a social media platform with payment options may seem a little far fetched, but that is Stratus’s case. Stratus offers a wide array of financial options both in fiat and crypto.

Knox World Pay

Knox world pay is a platform that allows users to send BTC via SMS. Now, this is particularly important for over 50% of the global population with no access to smartphones and E-wallets. Users will send BTC via SMS within 2 seconds. The idea is to foster crypto adoption by easing the processes of trading crypto.

Talk of banking the over 1.7 billion unbanked adults in the world, primarily using its global network of agents. All sellers will have POS tools to aid them in accepting payments. 

Universal Wallet

Coinbase currently hosts the world’s most reliable crypto wallet. However, it allows for the exchange of just a few cryptocurrencies. That is not exactly a universal wallet. Stratus is redefining the game by giving the best universal wallet for the crypto exchange. The wallet will make it easy for crypto enthusiasts to exchange all cryptocurrencies, including Apollo currency. 

Asset Investment App

Stratus will introduce an investment platform akin Robinhood, which will allow users to invest in a stock, and other investment assets.

Peer to Peer Transactions

These are transactions between individuals without the involvement of a centralizing authority. The benefit of this is the speed and efficiency of transactions. That’s because there are no procedures to complete payments. Stratus will bring in the P2P effect and help ease trade between users.

Payment Platform

Stratus will also introduce a payment platform to allow users to pay for goods all over the world. The forum will feature the functionality of Paypal for any sellers and buyers within the platform.   

Internet’s Replacement

The platform features all functionalities from all relevant social networking platforms. 

Its features include those of Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Medium, Youtube, Tiktok, Telegram, etc. Stratus’s introduction will be in phases with the first phase touching on the most prominent social networking platform’s functionality.

Education, health, insurance, technology, finance, and a few services will significantly benefit from Stratus’s introduction. Apollo is focused on introducing a system that merges all relevant internet services into one platform.

Parting Shot

Stratus, a blockchain social media platform from Apollo fintech, is completely reinventing social media and its services. Its introducing features in social media, those that are not in any other platform. Privacy of speech and zero data selling policies assure the safety of content and users online. 

Think of Stratus’s economic value altogether, P2P, Knox exchange; these will bring diversity into the social media world. The platform might be the long-awaited faster driver to crypto adoption. A universal exchange, an investment app, is part of Stratus’ plan to bring diversity into finance. The platform will not just be a replacement for social media platforms but the internet too. 

Author’s Note

A nation’s developmental trajectory is a factor of political and economic choices. Each country has to contend with economic paths it will chart. Democracy is invariably synonymous with free-market policy. Alternatively, authoritarian regimes opt for more controlled economies. Others yet choose to adopt different hybrids of the two. The U.A.S. chooses the path of free market and democracy to achieve its agenda.

Free market principles, coupled with the deployment of blockchain tech, integrate well with the nation’s guiding principles: unfettered freedoms, wealth creation, and prosperity. The model will revolutionize commerce, allow greater independence in the production process, and improve the citizens’ economic well being.

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