TOR-X Airdrop


 TOR-X Airdrop is live!

TOR-X Network (TOR-X) is complex solution that consists of a new blockchain that is made for decentralized exchange that reduces user`s risks and provides solution for cross-chain exchange, leveraging a high performance cross-chain matching engine to handle massive order volume and decentralized mechanism for cross-chain exchange supporting more complex trading APIs and smart contracts. Developers can create and deploy custom DApps for the TOR-X network utilizing advantages of new technological solutions.

TOR-X Airdrop is worth 450 TOR-X tokens.

Step-by-step guide:

  1.  Go to the TOR-X Website.
  2. Click On ” Register Now “
  3. Go to their Telegram bot, perform your KYC.
  4. Join their Telegram Group.
  5. Join their Telegram Channel.
  6. Subscribe their Twitter.
  7. Follow us on Reddit.
  8. Follow them on Medium.

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