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Uni-Astro Newborn Giveaway is closed!

Combined with Unicorn and Astronaut, Uni-Astro is the most exciting retroactive of this U2U Testnet phase. Through Uni-Astro, participants are given a chance to find and explore the U2U’s hidden values, thereby getting a chance to get rewards – Uni-Astro

Uni-Astro team is airdropping a total of 10K NFTs to random users through their latest event. Check our complete and simple step-by-step guide to join this giveaway!

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Step-by-step guide:

  1. Head to their Website
  2. Follow the instructions


  • Connect with Others: Meet to Earn allows you to earn U2U testnet tokens by connecting with others on the U2U Wallet platform.
  • Scan QR Code: Once you’ve connected with another user, simply scan their QR code or share your own to start earning U2U testnet tokens.
  • Earn & Enjoy: For each QR code you scan, you can receive U2U testnet tokens ranging from 1 to 5 tokens.
  • Also you can mint from their faucet
  • Open U2U Wallet. If you don’t have it, please download it at: https://wallet.uniultra.xyz/ Or https://faucet.uniultra.xyz/
  • Access the “U2U Faucet” on the DAPP BROWSER interface
  • Click “Faucet” to receive token!

Step-2 : The whitelist mint’s condition for Uni-Atro Newborn

  • Own one Uni-Astro Egg
  • Fill your wallet address and complete all the simple tasks on the QuestN. The tasks start on May 10 – the end of May 12.


  1. You can own the “egg” by buying on U2NFT – Unicorn Ultra’s NFT Marketplace. Access here: https://u2nft.io/
  2. Fill your wallet address and complete the simple tasks on QuestN via this link: https://bit.ly/UniAstro
  3. The mint price does not include gas fees, Need a lot of U2U Testnet coins!

Good luck!

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