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WorldCoin ORB Airdrop is closed!

Worldcoin is the brainchild of Silicon Valley entrepreneur “Sam Altman”, President of ChatGPT and Y Combinator. The Worldcoin Foundation’s open-source protocol uses eye-scanning for user authentication, adding an extra layer of security. World ID is like a human passport for accessing new online services, verified privately with an Orb. It allows seamless sign-in to websites, mobile apps, and crypto ÐApps, proving identity without sharing personal data

The worldCoin is rewarding 1 $WLD token upon verification and periodic recurring greants of 25 $WLD tokens. Follow our complete and simple step-by-step guide to participate.

worldcoin Airdrop

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Download the Worldcoin App.
  2. Head to the nearest Orb and sign up for World ID.
  3. Reserve your Worldcoin Tokens, and redeem them later whenever you’re verified.
  4. You’ll get a welcome grant worth 1 $WLD to celebrate joining the World ID network.

Good luck!


  • Recurring Grants are available periodically, starting with the Genesis Grant worth 25 $WLD, expected to decrease over time.
  • A portion of the $WLD token supply (≤ 10%) allocated to the Worldcoin Community is intended to be used to fund network operations.

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