Xirkle Airdrop

Xirkle Airdrop


Xirkle Airdrop is live!

“Xirkle will be leveraging the Stellar blockchain protocol, which will allow members to earn XIR tokens for simply using and supporting their services. With their MVP (minimum viable product), they have specially designed a Telegram based multi-coin crypto wallet called Xirklebot. Members can now earn XIR tokens for simply holding XIR in Xirklebot.“

The wallet supports popular cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XLM, XIR.

Xirkle Airdrop is worth 9 XIR($2.60) tokens.

XIR is already list on several exchanges.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the Xirkle Airdrop Website.
  2. Join Xirkle Telegram Community.
  3. Scroll down the webpage to complete the form.
  4. Visit the Xirkle Website https://xir.xirkle.com/.

Create a new Stellar account if you don’t have one.

See the Xirkle Telegram Wallet by clicking here

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