YEY Bounty

  • Closes in: Expired already

  • Estimate value: $300


YEY Bounty is closed!

YEY is Ethereum’s most powerful yield farming coin. YEY’s vault smart-contract executes strategies to maximize APY and reward holders.

YEY Bounty is worth of 10 YEY (300$) for completing all steps, and 1 YEY for each valid refer!

YEY Bounty

Step-by-step guide:

[#DYOR before Joining Bounty]

  1. Go to YEY Bounty [ Telegram Bot ]
  2. Join YEY ‘s Telegram Group1, Group2 and channel 
  3. Follow YEY on  Twitter
  4. Do like and retweet the pinned post
  5. Follow them on Medium
  6. Submit your Twitter username.
  7. Submit your ERC-20 wallet address
  8. Share your referral link to earn more.

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