YFIONE Airdrop

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YFIONE Airdrop is closed!
Yearn Finance One (YFIONE) is a high yield Defi farm that allows you to Stake, Farm, swap and Earn. Bringing real value to yield farming, it’s synonymous to venture capital by empowering the decentralized interest-free financial ecosystem, with the aim to distribute revenues as profit shares (rewards) to the stakeholders. All YFIONE products are linked by YFONE Token to achieve the goal of the true meaning of decentralized finance…YFIONE is a community driven DeFi-project, orchestrated in building decentralized products, with the aim of producing real #defi values to improve the YFIONE ecosystem.
YFIONE Airdrop is worth of  0.1 YFONE tokens for completing all steps! and 0.05 YFONE tokens for each valid referral.


Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to YFIONE Airdrop [ Telegram Bot ]
  2. Join there Telegram Channel and Group
  3. Submit your Erc-20 Wallet address
  4. FollowYFIONE on Twitter and retweet the Pinned post
  5. Submit your Twitter profile link
  6. Follow them on Medium
  7. Share and forward your referral link and get 0.5 YFO Tokens for each referral!
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