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YOOSourcing Airdrop is live!

YOOSourcing is building more trust in international trade by implementing more transparency between international buyers and suppliers. In addition, using smart contracts, they will decentralize the sourcing process and reduce costs. They are developing a solution based on mobile and web application that will allow buyers and suppliers to improve their communication and information exchange during order processing.

YOOSourcing Airdrop is worth 30 YST tokens tokens, also get 1 YST for each referral up to 10 referrals.

YOOSourcing Airdrop

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the YOOSourcing Airdrop (Telegram bot)
  2. Pass the verification from the bot.
  3. Subscribe to their newsletter from the bot and verify your mail. (+1 YST)
  4. Join their Telegram channel. (+1 YST)
  5. Join any one of the Telegram group mentioned in the bot. (+1 YST)
  6. Follow them on Twitter and retweet this tweet. (+1 YST)
  7. Like their Facebook page and share this post. (+1 YST, Optional)
  8. You will get 5 YST.
  9. Now you can either submit a YST wallet or an ETH wallet which holds at least 0.1 ETH.
  10. If you submit a YST wallet then you will get an extra 20 YST plus your tokens get doubled.
  11. Create your YST wallet by following this tutorial and also complete your KYC.
  12. You will get 5 YST if you’ve submitted an ETH wallet or 30 YST if you’ve submitted a YST wallet.
  13. Also get 1 YST for each referral up to 10 referrals.
  14. For more information see this post.

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