Crypto airdrops are basically free tokens or coins distributed by crypto projects to thousands of their community members, with the sole aim of popularizing their project, resulting in the addition of new followers and ultimately translating to wider adoption of such token or coin. 

As implied above, crypto airdrops is a form a marketing strategy utilized by (most times) new crypto projects to drive in attention and also increased use cases of their tokens. Crypto airdrops are essentially free.

This brings us to the question: Is anything free? 

There is a popular saying which says “nothing is free, not even in Freetown”— capital of Sierra-Leone. But remember in the definition of crypto airdrops we said they are basically free tokens or coins right. 

Why did we say so? 

We defined crypto airdrops as free tokens because you don’t need to pay or contribute your financial resource to have them, what you need to do is just to perform some simple tasks and wait for your coins to be distributed to you. These tasks ranges from joining a Telegram channel, following a Twitter handle, retweeting a tweet, following their Facebook page to engaging in referral campaigns. 

Therefore, once you have successfully performed the above mentioned tasks, the crypto project in turn incentivizes the community by airdropping their coins or tokens to users’ wallet address. 

Currently, there are latest airdrops you can participate in and be sure to be rewarded for your input. But while participating in airdrops, it is important for you to be very careful as there are a lot scam airdrops out there looking to exploit people’s effort to gain traction for their project.

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