JulSwap Community Token ($JulD) Airdrop

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JulSwap Community Token ($JulD) Airdrop is closed!

JustLiuidity is a Liquidity Protocol which gets integrated with the Uniswap / SwapLiquidity Exchange and rewards liquidity providers with ETH & BNB as well JUL token holders with their unique finance and liquidity engine.

JulSwap Community Token ($JulD) Airdrop is worth of 50 JulD for completing all steps.

JulSwap Community Token Airdrop

Step-by-step guide:

Event 1 :

  1. Go to JulSwap Community Token Airdrop Form
  2. Submit your email address
  3. Install the Trust Wallet Mobile App and Submit your ETH Wallet Address
  4. Change your Twitter Profile Photo to $JulSwap LOGO.
  5. Submit your Twitter Handle (You got to have at least 10 followers though)
  6. Follow JulSwap on Twitter
  7. Follow JustLiquidity on Twitter
  8. Join them on Telegram
  9. Retweet this Tweet and Tag two (2) Friends with a minimum of 10 followers
  10. Like this Tweet

Event 2 : 

  1. ll JUL / JULb holders who keep it in their decentralized wallet or stake JULb or JULb SLP Tokens on the 30th of December 2020 at 9 AM UTC will receive JulD. Sample: If you hold one JUL / JULb, then you will get 1,000 JulD. (Ratio 1:1000) [For Staker’s: NOTE — If you stake your JULb right now, your work’s done and you just need to wait for your JulD Tokens as Bonus]

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