KYCard Launch Contest

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KYCard Launch Contest is closed!

The KYCard is a Hardware Wallet Card which is connected to your Decentralized Identity and allows you to store or pay with Crypto.

KYCard Launch Contest is worth of $20,000 in TRX and 100 KYCards !

KYCard Launch Contest

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the KYCard Launch Contest page
  2. Join KY Defi Chat Telegram Group
  3. Join JustLiqudity Telegram Group
  4. Follow KYCrypto on Twitter
  5. Like KYCrypto on Facebook
  6. Subscribe KYCrypto on You-Tube
  7. Share KYCrypto on Facebook
  8. Visit KYC Crypto Website
  9. Visit KYCard Website
  10. Like & Retweet  JustLiquidity on Twitter
  11. Follow CEO of  KYCrypto on Twitter
  12. Follow CTO of  KYCrypto on Twitter
  13. Follow Tronfoundation on Twitter
  14. Follow JustLiquidity on Twitter
  15. Follow Justinsuntron  on Twitter
  16. Like & Retweet Tronfoundation on Twitter
  17. Install TronWallet App
  18. Join KY Defi Media Telegram Group
  19. Share your referral link and earn more points

Contest Rules & FAQ:

1. Entries must be unique referrals. No double signups.

2. Top 100 Users will receive 100 $ in TRX.

3. Top 101-200 Users will receive 50 $ in TRX.

4. Top 201-300 Users will receive 25 $ in TRX.

5. Top 301-400 Users will receive 20 $ in TRX.

6. Top 401-500 Users will receive 10 $ in TRX.

7. We reservee the right to remove anyone who tries to cheat

8. The contest takes place from the 17TH AUGUST 2020 until the 1ST OF JANUARY 2021

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