Binance Smart Chain integration Giveaway

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Binance Smart Chain integration Giveaway is closed!

Freecoins24 celebrate the integration of the of the Binance Smart Chain integration to our Walletbot, the Freecoins24 Wallet allow to send cryptocurrencies to every Telegram user in a simple way, currently we support the TRX, ETH and the Binance Smart Chain. Additional we offer different opportunities to earn crypto goods in this wallet.

Learn more about the Binance Smart Chain and JustLiquidity.

Binance Smart Chain integration Giveaway is worth 0.004 JULb for every user and 0.004 JULb for each referral. Also there will a reward pool of 10 JULb for 10 random user.

Binance Smart Chain integration Giveaway

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the Freecoins24 Giveaway (Telegram bot)
  2. Go to “Rewards Hub” on the bot
  3. Join Freecoins24 Community on Telegram.
  4. Follow Freecoins24, JustLiquidity and SwapLiquidity on Twitter
  5. Perform the easy tasks and get 0,004 JULb and 0,004 JULb for each referral directly to your wallet

❗️ NOTE: Steps/joining reward will be sent out every 24 hours, referrals rewards will be sent out weekly!

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